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Title: Magic of Oz
Artist: Govorun Pavel
Size: 9.5x12.5x2.5
Size (inches): 3.75x5x1
Price: $350

This attractive box has been painted by the popular Fedoskino artist, Pavel Govorun. It shows a scene from one of the most favorite children's tales " Magic of Oz" written by written by L. Frank Baum.
Here we can see a recognizable moment when Dorothy receives the magic Silver Shoes after her house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East and killed her. In return for her unintentional good deed, Dorothy receives the shoes to protect her from the Witch's vengeful sister, the Wicked Witch of the West. Dorothy knows the shoes are magical, but she is unaware of their specific powers. Only at the end of the story Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, reveals the shoes' secret: whenever Dorothy wishes, she can return home to Kansas by simply clicking her heels three times and repeating, "There's no place like home".
Blue and green tones of oil paints predominate here. In some places gold metal powder shines beautifully through the oils creating brilliance of the dog's hair and the bird's feathers. The scene is framed with a gold line; the box's sides are decorated with two parallel gold lines.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the box while red lacquer completes the interior of the work. A hinge is fastened to the left of the scene, and the box rests on a flat bottom. The work is signed with the artist's name, the year of 2009, the title and the village of Fedoskino.

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