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Title: Wall-hang Scarlet Flower
Artist: Not signed
Size: 39x10x0.7
Size (inches): 15.25x4x0.25
Price: $139

This scene from Russian Fairy-tale of girl with a flower was painted in Fedoskino. It depicts a scene from the Russian fairy "Scarlet Flower" written by S. Aksakov. The tale is very similar to what we know today as "Beauty and the Beast".
A beautiful girl is trapped inside a beast's home, because she has no choice, and the beast is afraid to show himself due to his appearance. They live in fear of not being loved by the other, until the curse is lifted at the end of the tale and the beast turns out to be a handsome prince.
The image is a classic one showing the main heroine of the tale holding the most beautiful flower in the world in her hands. This scene is painted over aluminum powder. It creates brilliance of the girl's dress and the ground beneath her feet. Lustrous gold paint is used to decorate the girl's sarafan, her head-dress, the scarlet flower and the golden light emanating from it.
The plaque is made out of paper-mache in Fedoskino. Black lacquer covers the exterior of wall-hang. The painting is signed with the name of the village of Fedoskino and date 1981.

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