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Title: Nearing the Storm
Artist: Dubovikov Yuriy
Size: 22.5x15.5x7
Size (inches): 8.75x6x2.75
Price: $1250 $850

This exquisite landscape painting was done by Fedoskino artist Yuriy Dubovikov, who has passed us away several years ago.
Yuriy Dubovikov has tried to reflect the state of nature before the thunderstorm. The ominous clouds in the sky creep ever so slowly towards the field ready to engulf it in rain. Tree branches and grass swing in the strong wind. Escaping the oncoming rain, children run to the village where they will find shelter, while a few diligent peasants keep on gathering hay. Anyone in close proximity to this storm can smell the approaching rain and can almost see the electricity in the expanse of the air. The rejuvenated sense of being that the entire landscape will experience is a welcome feeling to all that inhabit the land. When the storm decides to pass, the sky will be clear, the birds will be singing, and the land will feel alive once again.
This work reveals the painter's love for nature, earth, and village life. Mighty trees with luxuriant crowns, the lake with a brilliant light on its smooth surface, fields and meadows act together to transmit the sensation of calm and peaceful village life.
Oil-based paint is the primary medium used to paint this scene. The colors taken from the palette are very natural and realistic, which enhances the quality of the landscape in the way it was rendered. To supplement the beauty of the painting the artist employs mother-of-pearl and gold dust. The mother-of-pearl strengthens the colors and creates the radiance of the sun through the dark blue clouds and the sunlight reflected in the water. Gold dust seems to have been sprinkled in certain parts of the composition to add an almost unnoticeable sparkle to the piece.
The composition is executed scrupulously, with all the details of the landscape faithfully reproduced. The leaves and foliage in the trees are painted by dabbing paint to blur and give the appearance that there are a great amount of leaves in the painted area. The artist's great understanding of linear structures and linear usage makes the piece very calm and relaxing on the eyes.
The sides are decorated with two parallel lines painted in gold.
The exterior of the box is painted with black lacquer and the interior with red. The lid is hinged and the box sits flat. Upon completion the artist writes Fedoskino, the title and his name in oil paints towards the bottom of the composition.

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