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Title: Fisherman
Artist: Arteomov
Size: 10x20x5
Size (inches): 4x8x2
Price: $750

In 1871, from under the brush of Vasiliy Grigorievich Perov, who was found of fishing and hunting came out this famous paining of "The Fisherman". The canvas not only tells us about a small plot on the shore of a pond, but also creates psychological portraits of the people depicted on it.
Here we can see the two fishermen. One of the them- the central figure is completely immersed in the process. He does not notice anything around, his attention is focused on the float. Impatient, the fisherman has risen from the wooden seat that has been carefully placed on the ground and is looking intently at the surface of the water, leaning his hands on his knees.
Equipment, carefully laid out around, gives it a person who is passionate about fishing and knows a lot about it. A pair of fishing rods, a net and a donkey with a bell should provide a rich catch. The fact that the fisherman intends to spend a few hours here, says his equipment: a neckerchief, boots, a hat with a brim, a Cape.For the caught fish, a clay jar is already prepared, carefully covered with a rag. Perov's painting "The Fisherman" shows us an elderly man who is sincerely passionate about his favorite business. For him, this is recreation, entertainment: judging by the clothes, this is a well-to-do person.
In the background, the artist depicted another fisherman. His back is turned to the viewer, his posture and clothes suggest that he is from ordinary people and the dream of a fish for him is not entertaining, but practical. He probably plans to sell the fish he caught or bring it home to feed his family. These two figures in Perov's painting "The Fisherman" make a contrasting pair: the viewer can clearly see how the first fisherman prepared, but he does not know anything about the second.
The picture is complemented by a picturesque landscape created by the artist in his favorite style. The action takes place on the shore of a pond overgrown with sedge and water lilies. Green leaves on small trees and shrubs tell us that this is most likely the morning of a summer day. The sun has not yet risen in the sky, but there is a bright streak on the horizon. A flock of birds flies in the distance. From nature breathes peace and harmony.

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