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Title: Tale of Princess Frog
Artist: Zakharov Sergey
Size: 13x10x5
Size (inches): 5x4x2
Price : $1950 SOLD!


Bells ring and onlookers stare as the Princess Frog enters the palace, accompanied by young Prince Ivan. The Tsar himself has come out to greet them, and holds his arms out in amazement as this is the first time anyone has seen Ivan's new wife in her human form. At their father's bidding, the three sons of the tsar had shot an arrow high into the sky-whichever maiden found this arrow would be their wife. But Ivan's arrow landed next to a talking frog(left lower corner), who although proved her abilities in baking and sewing (by magically turning into her human form and employing magical help), would still make a very odd wife. At last the time has come for a great feast to celebrate the weddings, and the Frog Princess, otherwise known as Vasilisa the Wise, has arrived in a brilliant carriage. Ivan's two brothers and their wives stand to the right, and point and talk in amazement amongst themselves. How beautiful she is! How radiant she appears! How did this happen?!?
Kholuy master Sergey Zakharov uses a palette that is characteristic of his work. Warm paints dominate the scene, such as orange, yellow, and red, while darker and cooler paints are used to outline the external frame (consisting of the trees and landscape) inside the composition. This helps to draw the eye towards the main characters, and where the artist shows emphasis with the warm tones.
The layout of the painting is configured according to ancient icon painting methods that allow for spatial and temporal dimensions within a painting to be manipulated. This gives the artist freedom to work outside of the realm of perspective and fully exploit his artistic vision. The detailing is minute, precise, and skillfully makes this composition full of movement and action. He also uses a technique that exaggerates movements and elongates the proportions of the characters. This also contributes to the wonderful flow of the scene, and by doing this he is able to give each figure that he paints their own personality to further expand the diversity and dynamic of the painting.
Gold paint is used to aid in the adding of the detail. The use of gold helps to enhance the already bold palette and bring out their true highlights.
With the utmost delicacy he gives the composition just enough flair with the gold, making the composition truly a joy to behold. Gold is also used to decorate the exterior of the box. Zakharov's precision and ability to paint minute decoration is illustrated in the filigree that frames the scene and the filigree that wraps around the sides of the box. It is the perfect complement to the intricacy found in the painting. Its sumptuous rendering has a breathtaking amount of lines and the consistency in which is was composed is near perfect.
The box is constructed out of paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior and red lacquer is used to paint the interior of the box. The box has a hinge located above the composition and rests on four legs. The artist has written the title, Kholui, and his name under the composition. He has done the same on the interior of the lid, adding that this work is his own original creation and leaves a more decorative signature plus 2017.

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