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Title: Legend of Saur Levonidovich
Artist: Zakharov Sergey
Size: 13x10x5
Size (inches): 5x4x2
Price : $1950 SOLD!


Sergey Zakharov of Kholuy delivers us this visual splendor. The well known, creative genius of the master develops both theme and artistic intent. An incomparable style that is intensely elegant. Beauty that must be seen in order to be realized. A truly remarkable work that can be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come!
Here Zakharov depicts a rare ancient Russian legend entitled, "Tsar Saur Levonidovich." The story, originally written by Kirsha Danilovich, tells the story of a powerful Tsar, Saul Levonidovich, who must leave his home land and pregnant wife in order to defend his kingdom of Alberskoe from enemies. He tells his wife, Elena Alexandrovna, that if she gives birth to a son she should rear him and send him to find him someday; if she gives birth to a daughter she should rear and marry her off, sending the son-in-law to find him. The Tsaritsa gives birth to a son, Konstantin. Young Konstantin grows up quickly. Soon Elena Alexandrovna tells him the last will of his father.
Having heard it, Konstantin decides to set out in search of him. In strange lands he meets tatars, and wins the battle with them. Then the young warrior goes to the town of Uglich. The inhabitants of Uglich deceive Konstantin and imprison him. Meanwhile, Tsar Saul Levonidovich finally returnes home.
Tsaritsa Elena Alexandrovna meets him and tells him that their son has disappeared without a trace. As soon as Saul Levonidovich hears it he sets out in search of his son. The Tsar finds his son in the town of Uglich and releases him.
An entire forest kingdom is depicted right before your eyes. Dozens of well executed trees, layered upon one another in order to create realistic density in the woods themselves, dominate the majority of the landscape. In the center of the composition there is the young Konstantin with his mother, Elena Alexandrovna. All around them there are the palaces and the people of their kingdom. From the left of the central scene Tsar Saul Levonidovich leaves his kingdom to protect it from enemies, while from the right young Konstantin sets out in search of his father.
The color scheme is sublime. An exquisite sunset right there in the palm of your hand. Radiant oranges melting across the composition. Zakharov uses gold paint to add life to the scene's detail and add a dimension of incandescence to the scene.
Highly precise gold filigree, as much a trademark of Zakharov's works as his minute compositions, frame the scene on the lid, while a complementary gold design decorates the sides of the box.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior and red lacquer is used to paint the interior of the box. The box has a hinge located above the composition and rests on the four legs. The work is signed and titled by the artist. He does the same on the interior of the lid, but added that this work is his own original creation and left a more decorative signature.

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