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Title: Tale of Frog Princess
Artist: Buldakova Kseniya
Size: 13.5x9x3
Size (inches): 5.25x3.5x1.25
Price: $325 $299

This box was painted by a talented Palekh artist Kseniya Buldakova.
The scene shows one of the first episods of the well-known Russian fairy-tale "Princess Frog".
The old Tsar tells his three sons -Ivan and his brothers to shoot their arrows blindfolded, into a random direction to find a wife. The arrows of Ivan's brothers land near the houses of the rich and beautiful maidens. The happy Tsar welcomes his daughters-in-law on the threshold of his palace.
In this composition Buldakova depicts the youngest brother, Prince Ivan, whose arrow landed in the swamp near a frog. So, the poor prince is destined to marry the Frog!
Then, the three brothers were invited to a large feast, and each of them is told to bring his wife. Everyone makes fun of poor Ivan who has come alone. It lasts until the gorgeous Vasilisa the Wise appears! She creates a miniature lake full of swans with just one nonchalant wave of her hand in the palace of the Tsar.
Prince Ivan has received the magic clew from the old man. This clew will help him to find Vasilisa the Wise who disappeared after Ivan had burnt down her frog skin. The clew leads Ivan to the palace of Koshchei the Deathless where Vasilisa languishes in captivity. Ivan must kill Koshchei and release his beloved wife. To fulfill this task, he should take out the needle that contains Koshchei's death from the chest hanging on the old oak, and break it. So, Ivan fulfill all the tasks and kill Koshey and they live happily with Vasilisa.
The scenes are painted in the traditional Palekh style. The details are enhanced with gold and aluminum paints. Gold and aluminum paints are also used to paint the attractive patterns that frame the box's lid, and wrap around the bottom part of the box's body.
The box is constructed out of paper-mache. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the box. The lid isn't hinged, and the box sits flat. The work is signed with the artist name, Palekh, title- Frog Princess and date (2006).

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