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Title: Icon: the Mother of God "the life-bringing Spring"
Artist: Smirnova Anastasia
Size: 23x27x3.5
Size (inches): 9x10.5x1.25
Price : $2250 SOLD!


This detailed icon has been painted by a talented artist, Anastasia Smirnova of Kholui.
NOTE: this ICON was displayed on Expo in the All-Russia Museum of Folk and Applyed art in Moscow devoted to the 80th anniversary of Kholui Art. The Expo was opened on the 12th of November and took a place till the 6th of December 2014.
Description of an icon of the Mother of God "the life-bringing Spring":
In the 5th century near town of Constantinople there was a grove devoted according to the legend, Blessed Virgin Mary. In this grove there was a water spring for a long time glorified by miracles, but gradually overgrown with a bush and ooze. In 450 the soldier Lev Markel, future emperor, having met in this place of the got lost blind man, I have helped it to get out to a footpath and to settle in a shadow. In search of water for the become exhausted traveler he has heard a voice of the Virgin Mary ruling to find an overgrown spring and to spread with eye ooze to the blind person. When Lev has executed command, the blind person has immediately begun to see clearly. The Mother of God has predicted also to Lev that he will become an emperor, and in seven years a prediction it was executed.
Having become the Emperor, Lev Markel has remembered the phenomenon and a prediction of the Mother of God and has disposed to clear a source, to enclose it with a stone circle and on him to erect the temple in honor of the Virgin. The sacred key the Emperor has been called "the Life-bringing spring" as in him miracle grace of the Mother of God was shown. Also the Virgin's icon written for new church has been called.
In the 6th century the Emperor Justinian the Great after, having enjoyed water from a spring, I have recovered from a heavy disease, has built about the temple arranged with the Emperor Lev, the new temple at which the populous monastery has been created. In the XV century after falling of the Byzantine Empire the temple "the Life-bringing spring" has been destroyed by Muslims. The small church built subsequently in 1821 has been also destroyed, and the source is filled up. Christians have sorted ruins again, have cleared away a spring and still scooped from it life-bringing water. After receiving a certain ease by Orthodox Christians in commission of church services over the Life-bringing spring the temple at which have arranged hospital and almshouse has been again built.
Blessed Virgin Mary's icon "the Life-bringing spring" was deeply honored in Russia. In Sarov Monastery in honor of this icon the temple has been erected. Those sick pilgrims whom the Reverend Seraphim of Sarov sent to pray before a wonder-working icon of the Mother of God, received from her healing.
On Friday the Bright Week after the Liturgy in Orthodox churches the holy-water prayer before an icon of the Mother of God "the Life-bringing spring" is usually made. The water consecrated on this prayer, believers sprinkle the gardens and kitchen gardens, calling the help of the Lord and his Most Blessed Mother on talent of a harvest.

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