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Home > Gallery > Fedoskino > Under $500

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Title: Morozko
Artist: Potapov S.
Size: 10x16x6
Size (inches): 4x6.25x2.25
Price : $265 SOLD!


This impressive traditional Fedoskino work shows a scene from the popular fairy-tale "Father Frost" (Morozko). A young girl is sent off into the woods on a bitterly cold night by her cruel stepmother. As she sits freezing under a tree, Father Frost himself comes across the girl. In spite of her suffering, she greets him politely and does not complain about her condition. Father Frost is so impressed by her stoicism and respectful demeanor that he rewards her with a fur coat, a box filled with jewels, and other fine treasures. The end of this fairy-tale is happy: the girl is rewarded, whereas her cruel stepmother and stepsister are punished. Here the artist, S. Potapov, shows the familiar scene of the fairy-tale: Father Frost meets the girl in the woods, and decides to play a trick on her. He blows at her with his frost breathing, trying to freeze the girl. The original of this composition was painted by the famous Fedoskino artist Gennady Larishev (you can see it in the book by N. Malakhov, Fedoskino (Moscow, Fine arts), image 97; and in the new catalogue by Nadezhda Krestovskaya, Masters of Fedoskino (Moscow, Interbook-Buisiness), on page 73.
The composition is mostly painted in silvery tones that fit excellently for the reproduction of a winter landscape. The artist uses here a unique technique of coloring by laying step by step several layers of paint. At first he sprays aluminum powder over the black lacquered surface. The second step is to paint the girl's figure and some trees in oil paints over the thin layer of aluminum powder. Then the artist again lays aluminum powder over the scene, creating the face of Father Frost, snow covered twigs and firs, the swirls of snow, and also paints the incomparably beautiful rowan tree using lists of gold foil. And, the last step is to cover the composition with transparent lacquer. This method of coloring makes the composition look three-dimensional. The scene is thoroughly and skillfully painted. The girls facial features are distinctly painted, her costume is finely detailed, with trim and fur lining. Father Frost truly looks like the forest spirit and the personification of the winter. The landscape is equally carefully drawn, creating an intricate setting for the characters to interact with.
The box is made out of paper-mache. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the box. The interior of the lid also includes the inscription "Fedoskino" written in gold paint. The lid is hinged from the left of the composition and the box on four rounded feet. Signed with the name of the artist, village and year (1991).

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