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Title: Awaking
Artist: Khizhnyak N.
Size: 8.5x7x4.5
Size (inches): 3.25x2.75x1.75
Price : $295 SOLD!


This visually stunning piece of authentic Russian artistry was composed the talented N. Khizhnyak of Fedoskino. The artist has created a piece filled with abundant animation, exceptional detail and superior quality elements of decoration. Enhanced additions. A simply gorgeous uniform composition.
The piece shows an elf picking a golden flower from the bush. All around her the beautiful fairy landscape is depicted. The mighty oak rises above the meadow, it is barely seen because of the fog. In the foreground there is a huge fantastic flower and the bush covered with golden flowers.
To build this composition the artist uses an original technique. She sticks a special material on some paper-mache areas of the box including the area of the big bush in the foreground and the hill on which the elf stands. This technique gives a very interesting visual effect: the bush and the hill look three-dimensional. The same technique is repeated on the sides of the box. Roots and stubs of the trees that wrap around the sides of the box are painted on some material stuck to the paper-mache surface, so they also look three-dimensional. Gold paint is used to detail the elf's costume and the flowers. Aluminum powder is used to highlight the elf's wings, the bush, the huge flower and the hill. Gold metal leaf is used to create the brilliance of golden flowers; mother-of-pearl is inlayed in the portion of the box where the elf's costume is depicted for additional decoration.
The sides show original compositions: the bird sings a song and wakes up the elves peeping out of the roots, the boy also peeps out of the roots to look at the beautiful forest landscape filled with mushrooms, flowers, and plants.
The box is made out of paper-mahe. The interior of the box is covered with red lacquer, the base of the box is covered with greenish oils to go well with the forest's landscape. The lid is hinged from the top and the box rests on a flat bottom. The work is signed and titled "Wakening up" by the artist.

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