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Title: Portrait of Countess Anna Vorontsova as a Child
Artist: Nazarova Margarita
Size: 9.5x12x2
Size (inches): 3.75x4.75x0.75
Price : $495 SOLD!


This wonderful miniature portrait of Countess Anna Vorontsova is perfectly painted by Fedoskino artist Nazarova. The work of famous Russian painter Dmitry Levitzky inspired Nazarova to paint it. The original oil on canvas "Portrait of Countess Anna Vorontsova as a Child" was painted in 1790.It is held in the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. Dmitriy Levitsky has painted all of 4 daughters of Vorontsovs family.
Anna Artemyevna Vorontsova (1777-1854) was married to Count D. P. Buturlin, one of the most educated persons of his time and Director of the Imperial Hermitage. Their family moved to Italy in 1817, had 4 children, converted into Catholicism, and died in Florence.
The portrait of young Countess Anna Vorontsova on a box is painted with a big accuracy. Delicate brushwork details her face. Her features are drawn clearly, with soft skin and a faint blush on her cheeks. Her hair is elegantly styled and adorned with a rim. The wonderful bright gown is incredibly done; it adds a gentle elegance to the entire image of a girl.
The portrait is framed with a gold line. Two parallel gold lines decorate the box's sides.
The box is made out of paper-mache. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the box.
The box has a hinge to the left of the composition and rests on a flat bottom. It is signed with the name of the artist and village of Fedoskino.

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