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Title: Playing Records on Gramophone
Artist: Mitusov Alexander Yurievich
Size: 5.2x4x3.2
Size (inches): 2x1.5x1.25
Price : $225 SOLD!


Alexander Mitusov of Fedoskino is the artist who painted this piece. It depicts a traditional Fedoskino painting of some people entertaining themselves. While one lady brings the samovar to the table the other watch as another dances to the music being played on the record player. During this fun filled time all is forgotten about the days of work and leading a life. All that matters at this moment is why the time is going by so fast and when the next time will come to get together again.
Against a creamy yellow background the artist paints the women from a palette of diverse yet bright colors. On the very limited space of this box Mitusov finely details the clothing and the furniture to create a believable world in this composition. Gold metal leaf mixed with oil paint, is used to accentuate the colors in the scene and also bring in more light.
The box is decorated with solid aluminum punchouts that cover the exterior of the box. They were applied by hand at a time when one of the final coats of clear lacquer was drying. This is very difficult because one slip-up would mean the entire pattern would be ruined. On the sides the beads of aluminum are connected with gold lines that make the design as a whole look like netting that was wrapped around the box.
The box is constructed out of high-grade paper-mache that is thick and dense. Yellow lacquer was used to paint the exterior and red lacquer to paint the interior. The box has a hinge located above the composition and rests on a flat bottom. Alexander Mitusov is a very talented artist who has a broad range of skills and can paint in various styles. Upon completing this piece the artist writes Fedoskino, year of 97 and his name.

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