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Russian lacquered boxes for sale

Palekh Fedoskino Kholui Mstera Books Soldiers Icons

Fellow art lovers,

Welcome to, where we are proud to present a unique and continually changing collection of lacquer art from the four centers of lacquered miniature painting: Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholui, and Mstera. You'll also find detailed information about each of the villages, biographies of many of the artists, a history of lacquer miniature painting, and some of the fairytales and other themes of this unique part of Russian culture.

Available for purchase from our collection are exclusive artworks of today's most talented and innovative miniaturists, from boxes and chests, to plates, eggs, and more. Every month, we visit each of the four lacquer art villages to expand our artist information section and to purchase the best new works from the artists themselves so you're assured of authentic, quality pieces at the best price possible.

You may order items directly on our website, with delivery in approximately 7-10 days.
Nearly all of the pieces we offer are unique, one-of-a-kind creations. Items that are sold are still available for viewing on our site!
Email us with any questions you may have, and we'll be happy to answer them!

New arrived russian lacquer boxes:

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Russian lacquer art on SALE!

Name: Sweets and Baranochki
Artist: Slaeva Liliana

Price: $925 $790
Name: Travelling circus
Artist: Belovodov Denis

Price: $950 $825
Name: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Artist: Turbeneova Irina

Price: $425 $349

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Palekh miniature is a Russian folk handicraft of miniature painting, which is done with tempera paints on varnished objects made of papier-mache(such as small treasure boxes, powder boxes, beads-boxes, caskets, pens, brooches and etc.). Village of Palekh is located in 350 kilometers Northeast of Moscow in the Ivanovo region of Russia. Palekh lacquer Art on papier-mache first appeared in 1923, when former icon-painters organized "The Palekh Artel of Ancient painting" after the success of lacquer miniature painting in the village of Fedoskino. The technology of making papier-mache was also borrowed from Fedoskino Artists. The Palekh miniatures are usually represents characters and scenes from real life, literary works and Fairytales. Palekh Boxes are painted with bright paints over the black background and are known for their elongated, graceful figures(as on icons), elaborate gold and/or silver ornamentation applied in fine lines throughout the painting; intricate decorative borders, which often cover the surface of the lids and sides of the articles completely. Palekh lacquer boxes are usually signed with the village name, and year of production and the name of the artist. The exquisite, highly detailed miniatures painted in Palekh are called "small miracles" and they are on a great demand among the collectors throughout the world.


The village of Fedoskino, located 40 kilometers to the north from Moscow on the bank of river Ucha, is Russia's oldest center of lacquer miniature painting. The secrets of making and painting on papier-mache in Fedoskino have been passed from one generation to another for over 200 years now. Lacquer miniatures of Fedoskino are made with the help of multi-layer oil painting on the primed papier-mache surface with special lining. Most of the Fedoskino boxes have a black background on the outside and are covered inside with scarlet or bright-red lacquer. Fedoskino lacquers were closely linked to Russia's graphic Art of the 19th Century. But quite a few works we can name as prototypes of miniature compositions used in Fedoskino Boxes now. The theme of troyka(the three horses) riding was very popular in 19th Century's Boxes. A troyka rushing through the snow field and sledge riding is a popular theme that has become an emblem of the Fedoskino craft. During the 20th Century Russian country and Fedoskino Factory as well has come throught Revolutions, Wars, Perestroika and other important steps of a history and we glad that the craft is still exist and another generation of talented artists continuing to create new subjects and the new art forms in Fedoskino Craft. The Art Works of Fedoskino Masters as Kozlov, Khomutinnikova, Strelkina, Fyodorov,Sergey and Marina Rogatovs, Anokhin, Mikheev, Isaev and some others are very valuable collectible items and on high demand within collectors around the World.

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