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Title: At a crossroads
Artist: Kovaleov Valeriy
Size: 18x12.5x5
Size (inches): 7x5x2
Price: $1495 $1399

This box has been painted by established Fedoskino artist, Valeriy Kovalyov. The work is called "At a crossroads" and we can see a picturesque of three horses and a caravan harnessed to it with several people in it. In the center of the composition there are two large Oak trees. On the left hand side we can see a family of villargers who collected quite a lot of hay and loaded them onto a horse-drawn cart.
The box demonstrates Valeriy Kovalyov's unique painting style that resembles a watercolor technique.
The edge of the lid and the painting on the sides are framed with a thin light grey lines. Green tones of oils are used to paint the scene, and to cover the box's exterior.
The painting is continuing on the side of the box and ir shows mostly beautiful Summer Landscape.
On the two sides of the box, among the trees, you can find barely noticeable buildings with round holes in the center of the front wall. Knowing Valery personally, I can assume that he depicted the so-called dolmens. There is a theory that dolmens were used in ancient times for time travel, such structures are still found in hard-to-reach places. Whether this is true or not, we will leave it to the judgment of researchers and historians...
The box is constructed from paper-mache. Red lacquer completes the interior of the work. The box has a hinge from thetop of the composition and rests on a wavy platform. The box is signed with the artist's name and the title.

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