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Title: Ruslan and Ludmila
Artist: Kosterina Olga
Size: 43x20x11.5
Size (inches): 16.75x8x4.5
Price : $1495 SOLD!


This large treasure chest shows several key episodes from the popular Alexander Pushkin's fairy-tale "Ruslan and Ludmila".
The box is consist of three large compartments that opens up from the top and one drawer on the front side.
The scenes depicted on the chest shows the key episodes from this tale. On the left lid the artist depicts the evil dwarf magician Chernomor, who has kidnap Ludmila, and Ruslan with a sword under Chernomor. The magician has a threatening appearance. His magic beard and bright red cape are beating in the wind. But Ruslan has beat the wicked magician and save his beloved Ludmila.
On the right lid we can see a meeting of Ruslan and the Magic Head.
And in the middle lid we can see a happy end of a fairytale, when Ruslan and his beloved Ludmila are together going home on a horse.
The box was painted by Kosterina Olga, a prominent artist of Kholui.
Egg-tempera paint is the main medium used to paint these theree compositions. The palette is based in blues and reds that make complementary combinations throughout the scene. Gold and silver are used to highlight and detail of the composition, but its sparkle naturally enhances the great depth and epic mood set by the theme!
The box is made out of paper-mache and pressed paper. The interior of the box is red, while the exterior is covered with back lacquer. The three lids are hinged, and the box rests on four legs. Golden ornaments frames the compositions(on all three lids), while the gold flower style painting with add of deep red colour wraps around the sides of the chest.
Upon completing the work on this piece the artist writes the title "Ruslan and Ludmila", Kholui, and signs her name at the bottom of all three lids.

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