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Title: Tale of Ivan Tsarevich and Grey Wolf
Artist: Molodkin Vladimir
Size: 24.5x18.5x21
Size (inches): 10.75x8.75x8.75
Price : $4250 SOLD!


Master Vladimir Molodkin of Mstera, who painted this piece, has a very distinct style that can immediately be recognized by the minute details and his color usage. The palette incorporates a myriad of bright paints from the cool and warm ends of the spectrum. He uses them in perfect harmon, alternating tones and hues in all the right places. Almost every element of the composition is abundantly detailed with gold paint!
The subject of the composition is based on the popular Russian folk tale "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf". The tale tells about the adventures of the Prince Ivan Tsarevich and his companion the Grey Wolf, a magician. After the wolf ate Ivan's horse, they became partners in crime. The wolf felt sorry for Ivan, and he helped him in his quest to get Elena to be his bride. The Gray Wolf even helps Ivan when his brothers murder him and throw his remains in a bucket, out to sea. When the wolf gets the waters of life and death, Ivan is able to be alive again and go back to avenge his brothers. It is only then that Elena is able to marry the man she truly loves. Who knows if this would have happened if the Gray Wolf would not have been hungry the day Ivan's horse crossed its path.
This large five-sided casket shows several events seemingly taking place simultaneously and within close proximity. This is in fact an icon painting device that disregards time and space in order to more fully tell the story. The scene depicted on the lid shows Ivan Tsarevich riding the Grey Wolf with Elena the Beautiful and holding the Fire Bird's cage in his hands.
The box is made out of paper-mache. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the box. Molodkin decorates the exterior with gold ornamentation and flower ornament can be found on the edges of the lid. The casket is NOT hinged and rests on four feet. The artist writes the title and his signature at the edge of the lid.The name of the work is signed over the gold and the name of the artist in blue colors below the floral ornament.

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