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Title: Tale of the Apples of Youth and the Water of Life
Artist: Kornilova Natalie
Size: 21.5x21.5x4
Size (inches): 8.5x8.5x1.5
Price: $850

This splendid box has been painted by Kornilova Natalie from the village of Palekh. Its subject is based on the thrilling Russian fairy-tale "The Apples of Youth and the Water of Life".
The old Tsar dreams of returning him youth and being young again. He sends his three sons to carry him the golden apples and the water of life. With the help of the golden apples, he hopes to become young again, and with the help of the magic water, he intends to heal his poor eyesight. Having been tempted and deceived by a wicked maiden, the elder brothers are taken prisoner, while their young brother Ivan Tsarevich manages to fulfill this task.
The scene shows Ivan Tsarevich stealing the apples of youth from the garden of the incomparably beautiful Blue-Eyed Maiden and some minor characters from this tale as musicians, soldiers and servants, most of them are sleeping.
The drawing is a rich sea of details. The artist pays great attention to the expressive faces of all characters (there are nine human figures), and to their costumes, drawing countless folds and multitude of minute details. Gold paints are used to enhance the details and to outline areas of the scene for added emphasis.
The painting is framed with golden ornament, and the box's sides are decorated with more rich ornamentation with additional silver flowers.
The box is constructed out of a paper-mache. The lid is hinged on top and the box rests on a flat bottom. The exterior of the piece is painted with black lacquer and interior is painted with red lacquer. The artist wrote her name, title of the work-"Tale of the Apples of Youth and the Water of Life" and the village name of Palekh along the bottom of composition in gold paint.

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