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Title: Out for the Water
Artist: Terentiev Sergey
Size: 18.5x15x5
Size (inches): 7.25x6x2
Price: $650

This detailed composition has been painted by a Palekh artist Sergey Terentiev.
It shows winter outdoor life in countryside.
The well turned out to be the central place in the village. On the left we see a mother with two children who are heading to the well. Their path passes through a bridge across the river. We see a hunter with a rifle on the bridge, who is talking to a village girl. And on the right side of the river, where there is a well, we see two girls who are whispering. Their buckets are already filled with water, but they want to gossip...
On the background we can see snow covered wooden houses of a village and the Church.Beautiful winter landscape scene is behind the village.
With this composition the artist continue the series of the works showing the village outdoor activity possibly have taken place in his native village of Palekh.
The drawing is colorful and filled with intricate details. Bright blue, orange, white and red colors are perfect for a dull winter day. The details are added with gold and silver paints.
The box is constructed from paper-mache.
Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the box while red lacquer completes the interior.
The composition is framed with thick golden dots on the edges of the lid. The sides of the box are decorated with very intricate pattern of gold and silver paints. The box has a hinge above the composition and rests on a platform with four legs.
The work is signed with the artist's name and the village of Palekh.

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