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Title: Icon: St.Serafim Vyritskiy
Artist: Yakovets Elena
Size: 23x27x3.5
Size (inches): 9x10.5x1.25
Price: $675

This highest quality of painting icon was made by a talented Palekh artist Elena Yakovets. It shows Saint Serafim Vyritskiy.
Seraphim Vyritsky was a hieroschemonk of the Russian Orthodox Church, widely revered in the Orthodox environment as an elder and visionary.
In August 2000, he was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in the face of the venerable in the assembly of the Council of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia.
He was born in a peasant family on March 31, 1866 in the village of Vakhromeyevo in the Yaroslavl province, in the family of Nikolai Ivanovich and Khionia Alimpievna Muravyov. He was baptized with the name Vasily. When he was 10 years old, his father died, and the boy was forced to go to St.Petersburg to work.
Arriving in St. Petersburg in 1876, he became a messenger in one of the shops of Gostiny Dvor. Later he found a confessor in the person of the elder of the Gethsemane Monastery of the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra, Hieromonk Barnabas (Merkulov).
In 1882 he became a clerk. In 1890, he married Olga Ivanovna Netronina. In 1892, he opened his own business, becoming a very large fur trader, a merchant of the 2nd guild. Having extensive experience and having strong trade ties, he organized an office for the procurement and sale of furs. A significant part of the goods were delivered abroad: to Germany, Austria-Hungary, England, France and other countries.
In 1895, he became a full member of the Society for the Dissemination of Commercial Knowledge in Russia and enrolled in Higher Commercial Courses organized by the society. From 1900 to 1906, the Muravyovs lived at 56 Gorokhovaya Street; since 1905, he has been a full member of the Yaroslavl Charitable Society.
In 1906, he purchased a large two-story cottage in the picturesque village of Tyarlevo, located between Tsarskoye Selo and Pavlovsk, which until 1920 became the main haven of Vasily and Olga - it was dangerous to stay in the capital.
On September 13, 1920, he submitted a petition to the Spiritual Cathedral of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra for admission to the brotherhood, to which he received consent, was accepted as a novice and received the obedience of a sexton. The vicar of the lavra at that time was Archimandrite Nikolai (Yarushevich). At the same time, Vasily Nikolaevich's wife Olga, who took the name of Christina, became a novice of the Resurrection Novodevichy Monastery. The Muravyovs donated everything they had for the needs of the monasteries. Vasily Muravyov gave 40,000 rubles in gold coin to the lavra alone. On October 29, 1920, he was tonsured a monk with the name Barnabas.
On September 11, 1921, he was ordained a hieromonk by Metropolitan Veniamin (Kazan).
At the end of 1926, Father Barnabas accepted the schema under the name of Seraphim (in honor of Seraphim of Sarov) and became the confessor of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.
Presumably, in the spring of 1930, on the recommendation of doctors and with the blessing of Metropolitan Seraphim (Chichagov), he left his cell in the Feodorovsky building of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra and settled in Popovka, at the dacha of the rector of the Trinity-Izmailovsky Cathedral Leonid Bogoyavlensky. Doctors diagnosed Seraphim with rheumatism, blockage of the veins of the lower extremities, intercostal neuralgia In the Popovka of Archpriest Leonid Bogoyavlensky, Father Seraphim lived in a small house-cell, at the far end of the suburban area. He spent about two years there.
Serafim passed away on March 21, 1949, in the 4th Week of Great Lent, on the memorial day of St. John the Ladder.
The icon is painted on the wooden base.

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