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Title: Tale of a Kind Word
Artist: Yastrebov Oleg
Size: 10.5x13.5x2.5
Size (inches): 4x5.25x1
Price : $425 SOLD!


This composition was painted by a prominent Fedoskino artist ,Oleg Yastrebov. The work is called and sign by the artist as a "Kind Word". And here is a plot of the tale:
Once upon a time in one Kingdom Unlucky Ivan has lived. Everything he did, didn't get him a profit or good money. Where somebody else can get 1 coin, he always get paid only half or 10 per cent.Ivan has got tired of this situation and come to a Tsar and ask, why is he so unlucky?
The Tsar asked his servants, why Ivan is so unlucky? But they have no clue...Only Tsar's dauther has told to a Tsar- may be you should made a marrige to Ivan and that will bring him luckiness...
The Tsar only laughted at his daughter and said, that he will marry Ivan on her.
The same moment they went to Church and in the end of a day Ivan Unlucky and his wife Tsarina has left the Kingdom.
On the next day they came to the Sea and Tsarina has told Ivan to make a little camp with a place to sleep. Ivan made it. On the next day Tsarina asked him to get her silk and she made a nice carpet, so she send Ivan to a market to sell it.
On the way to market Ivan met a wise guy, and they guy told him- will you sell this carpet to me?- Yes, said Ivan.- For how much? -asked the wise guy.
Ivan said- 100 coins. You don't need such money, because you will loose 99 coins on your way back, just get it to me for a KIND WORD. No-said Ivan. Wise guy has paid him 100 coins, but Ivan brought home only 1 coin, the rest he simply lost...The wife has made another carpet, better than previous. On the way to a market, Ivan again met the same wise guy and this time he agreed to get the carpet for a KIND WORD. And the word was following: Get your hand up, but don't put it down and listen to your heart.
With these word wise guy took the carpet and disapeared the same moment...
What should I do with this KIND WORD? What should I say to my wife? Ivan decided to go to the opposite road from home...
He went very far and have heard that in this Kingdom a monster snake with 12 heads is living and eat every day 12 person for food. He sat on a side of the road and start saying, that if he have had some money, he will bit the beast. His words have heard one merchant, who's son was eaten by a snake. Merchant said- how much money you need? About 500 coins,- said Unlucky Ivan. Merchant gave Ivan 500 coins and Ivan has start to build a ship. But suddently, the money was ended, and the ship was not built even on half. Ivan has asked again for 500 coins and got them, but in a month the ship was built only on half. Ivan went to merchant and has told him, that he need 1000 coins for building a ship, other wise the first 1000 coins will not work and they will simply lost them. The merchant was not happy with this situation, but gave him his last money-1000 coins. In a month Ivan has built a ship and put a lot coil on it and went to an isalnd where the snake has lived.
Ivan was lucky first time in his life- the snake has eaten 12 person and has slept. Ivan and his friends has start a fire with the coil they have on board and in half an hour the snake was fired. Ivan has cut 12 heads as a proof that the snake was beaten, and in all heads he has found treasure stones of a large size. Now the luck was on his side. He has returned to a merchant, gave him back the money, that merchant has spent on a ship and more and then has start his way back home.
When he has returned, he found his wife with two sons. He didn't know that they were his sons and he put up his hand with a sword to kill his wife, but at this moment he remembers a KIND WORD that he got from a wise man...and he hug his wife and got the explanations and live happily with his family.

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