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Title: The Forest Grandfather
Artist: Golubyonkov Sergey
Size: 7x5x2.5
Size (inches): 2.75x2x1
Price : $550 SOLD!


This enchanting piece was created by well known Fedoskino master, Sergey Golubyonkov. Exquisite design combined with fascinating detail enhance this alluring piece of Russian lacquer artistry. Golubyonkov's work is known for its fantastic imagery as well as displaying sincere technique and precise skill. You cannot help but be impressed with the sublime nature of the palette and the rarely depicted theme.
Here the artist has chosen to depict the sorcerer whom he called "The Forest Man". In ancient times in Russia only rich people could receive treatment from doctors, the others cured their diseases with the help of a sorcerer. Sorcerers usually lived on the outskirts of a village or in the forest. They cured people by means of different herbs and exorcism.
To paint the scene the artist has used the multilayered method of painting. It is painted over the golden leaf that cascades down from the top of the piece, surrounding the sorcerer entirely. The detail in the complexion of the sorcerer is breathtaking. The artist takes great care in painting the birds whose wings all seem to be captured in their own frozen states of animation. The birds seem like they may land on your fingers at any moment now! The colors are capable of putting a hypnotic trance upon your norm. The overall composition is an awesome piece of work.
The box is constructed using quality paper-mache. The exterior of the piece was painted with a coat of deep olive lacquer while the interior was painted with red lacquer. The composition is uniform in its placement on all sides, except for the bottom which is black. A hinge is fastened to the left of the composition, and the box rests on a flat bottom. The artist has written the Fedoskino name, the title "Forest Father", and his name on the interior of the lid.

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