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Title: Lilac
Artist: Knyazev Sergey
Size: 12.5x10x3
Size (inches): 5x4x1
Price : $950 SOLD!


This heavenly piece of exquisite Russian artistry was composed by the talented Sergey Knyazev from the village of Fedoskino. He is quickly becoming one of the most impressive and recognizable artists that we so thoroughly enjoy. His painting technique identified by its ability to develop mood. Soothing gratification through color and design. Let his work waltz you into creativity and serenade you all night long with the imagery depicted.
The box features two beautiful girls dressed in the Russian traditional costumes looking out of the window. They observe with interest a couple of birds flittering among fluffy, blossoming branches of the lilac bush. The bright blue kerchief of one of the girls is streaming in the wind. Very poetic and expressive.
Beautiful sky-blue color dominates the scene. Mother-of-pearl is used to create the brilliance of the girls' kokoshniks (their headwear), and their white shirts. The splendor of their jewels: earrings, necklaces, and the gems that adorn their kokoshiks is achieved by applying golden spangles. The scene is painted over aluminum powder (especially blue areas) that strengthens the color and adds additional festivity to the piece.
The composition is multi-layered and this produces a three-dimensional effect and creates a dynamic experience for the eye.
The scene is framed a gold line decorated with golden foliage. The exterior of the piece is covered with bright blue oils mixed with aluminum powder, same as a bottom. The interior of the box is traditionally red.
The box is constructed from quality paper-mache made in the village of Fedoskino. The lid is hinged from the top of the composition, and the box rests on a flat base. The work is signed, dated (2006) and titled ("Lilac") by the artist in gold paints on the lid's interior.

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