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Title: The Ukrainian troops are writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan
Artist: artist
Size: 25.5x18.5x6.5
Size (inches): 10x7.25x2.25
Price: 5500

The painting on this box by an Artist of Fedoskino is a copy of an original of one of the most, well known and loved paintings in Russia “Zaporozhue Cossacks Writing a Letter to the Turkish Sultan”. It was originally painted by Iliya Repin in 1880-1881.
This casket is of great value for any collector of antiquary as it was painted by the outstanding Fedoskino lacquer miniature artist Kutuzova/Kruglov forty-nine years ago.

Sultan of Turkey invited the Zaporozhe Cossaks to join the Ottoman Empire but received only their scorn, because the freedom-loving Cossaks didn't want to submit to anybody. Here the cossacks gather about the scribe and with great hilarity compose as insulting a reply as possible to a demand for their surrender by the Turkish around the year 1675.

In the 17th Century, Ukraine was a constantly disputed borderland between Catholic Poland and Muslim Turkey (both more powerful in those days), and Orthodox Russia (just starting to emerge as a great power). The Cossacks were Ukrainian cavalrymen originally chartered by Poland to establish autonomous military communities on the Turkish border. The most famous Cossack settlement was the Zaporogian "Syech'" near present-day Zaporozhue on the Dniepr River. At various times, different Cossack bands shifted allegiance back and forth between Poland and Russia. As Poland intended, however, they usually opposed Muslim Turkey on religious grounds. Lavrov has perfectly captured the essence of Repin's style while retaining his techniques and voice. He could comprehend the original and reproduce the specific atmosphere of this scene. The composition seems to be filled with warm air, smell of fire and rough jokes of the cossacks. A fine plastic of gestures and facial expression transmits us a complicated range of feelings, human passions and emotions. Fine brushstrokes create the characters with their multi-colored, life-like and individualized faces, their traditional cossack clothing and the wonderful Ukrainian landscape. The painter could create the charming, expressive and complicated picture within a limited space of the casket. Having a delicate artistic taste, an Artist successfully contrasts various color combinations; he feels the rhythm of lines and uses them in composition. Rich and bright color palette is based on the harmonious combinations of red, gray, green, blue, brown, yellow, black and white tones. This marvelous composition is notable for clear composition, subtle graphic technique, exquisite style, rich coloring and the artist's attempt to capture the atmosphere of the scene.

This old box is constructed out of paper-mache that is of a very high density and is very durable. The exterior is painted with black lacquer and the interior is painted in red lacquer. The lid is hinged and the box sits on feet. The lacquer covering has tiny scratches, typical for all old boxes. The Artist wrote his name, date and Fedoskino near left bottom corner of the composition.

Please let us know if you have any questions on availability...

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