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Title: Russian Fairytales
Artist: Frolova Tatiana
Size: 32.5x27.5x9
Size (inches): 13x10.75x3.5
Price : $1850 SOLD!


This impressive piece of authentic Russian artistry was composed by the talented Fedoskino artist Tatyana Frolova. Tatyana was born in Moscow in 1961, and now resides in the village of Fedoskino. She graduated from the Fedoskino Art School in 1980. Her teachers were V. Frolov (her father), and V. Kulgalov. Her works are displayed in the Fedoskino Art Museum. Frolova's pieces reflect her preference in painting fairy-tales, bylinas, still lifes, landscapes, portraits, architecture, fauna and scenes of historical monuments.
This set of boxes includes one large box, and four small boxes enclosed inside the interior of the large box. The large box shows a scene from the story of "Prince Ivan, The Gray Wolf and the Firebird." We see two of the main characters, Ivan and Princess Yelena, as they fly home upon the magic carpet. Ivan holds a cage with the Firebird in it. The fiery feathers of the Firebird illuminate the characters' figures in the darkness of a night. Along the box's sides Frolova has painted the panorama of Russian villages the characters are flying over. The black background has been chosen by the artist to create an impression that the depicted action happens at night. Gold paint and gold powder are used to create a sparkle of the stars, the carpet, the cage and the characters' costumes. Besides gold paint the characters' costumes and the carpet are detailed with the shining pieces of gold metal leaf. Gold metal leaf also helps to create brilliance of the Firebird's feathers. Three pieces of mother-of-pearl decorate this scene. The biggest of them is set into Princess Yelena's coat, and the smallest one shines through the Firebird's tail; one more piece of mother-of-pearl creates a sparkle of the full moon. To paint the panorama on the box's sides Frolova has used brown tones of oils mixed abundantly with gold powder. Both the box's exterior and interior are covered with black lacquer. The lid is hinged at the top of the composition, and the box rests on a flat bottom. Inside the box's interior there are four compartments with four boxes inside. At the bottom of the scene painted on the lid the artist has written her name, Fedoskino, and the year of 2007.
Each of four small boxes is made of papier-mache as well as the large box. Their exterior is covered with black lacquer, and their interior is completed with red lacquer. Their exterior is also decorated with nice gold ornaments. Each of them is hinged at the top of the scene, and rests on four small rounded legs.
The first box shows a scene from the fairy-tale “The Humpbacked Little Pony”. Here we can see Ivan riding the pony. Gold paint is used to draw the stars. Ivan's coat and hat glisten brightly being painted over silver powder. The second box features a scene from the fairy-tale “Sister Alyonushka and her brother Ivanushka”. Here we can see Alyonushka sitting on the green meadow, and her brother who has already turned into a kid after drinking water from the dirty puddle. The scene is painted in different tones of oils over the silver powder. On the third box Frolova has drawn an episode from the fairy-tale "Prince Ivan, The Gray Wolf and the Firebird". Here we can see the moment when Ivan has caught the Firebird. Ivan's costume and the Firebird's feathers shine brightly being painted over silver powder, and detailed with the pieces of gold metal leaf. The fourth box features the girl who goes to the well carrying a yoke. The scene is painted over silver powder that helps to reproduce a sparkle of the snow.
There are 4 boxes inside of a large one!

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