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Title: A view to Temple of Christ the Saviour from a side street
Artist: Aldoshkin Yuriy
Size: 13x10x3
Size (inches): 5x4x1.25
Price : $2100 SOLD!


Famous Artist Yuriy Aldoshkin from the village of Fedoskino created a glorious sight of the Temple of Christ the Savior. The box shows not traditional view of the Temple. And we also have a pay attention to how the artist paint the old buildings of this not major street, and he made it with a big love!
This magnificent building of a Temple is located in the center of Moscow, not far from the Kremlin. It was constructed on a vow given by sovereign Alexander I in gratitude for saving fatherland "from the Gauls invasion". On September 10, 1839 the solemn laying of the present temple in Russian-Byzantian style took place. It was constructed under the project of architect K.A. Ton, at the expense of the Treasury with attraction of people's donations. The temple was consecrated on April 10, 1883 during the days of crowning of the emperor Nikolay I. Architect K.Ton realized the project of a five-domed temple with a big central and four angular turrets with 14 bells. The banners and keys of the conquered cities were transferred to the temple. First electric street lamps in Moscow appeared on the square in front of the Temple! The height of the Temple was 103 m. On December 5, 1931 the temple was blown up. Subsequently the foundation ditch was used for the construction of swimming-pool " Moscow ". In 1994 the pool was closed. On January 1995, the solemn laying of the revived temple took place. Now all the major services of Russian Orthodox Church are taking place in this Tample.
Oil-based paint is the medium used to paint this composition. Yuriy Aldoshkin uses a palette that implements very warm tones throughout the scene. He sets the scene during summer to match the colors in the architecture, which brings out the quiet and spiritual atmosphere of the Cathedral. Each angle is precise that helps provide an accurate portrayal of the perspectives in the scene. The lines are delicately configured with a manipulation of paint that gives this painting a photo-like quality.
The box is constructed out of paper-mache . Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the piece. A thick solid gold line frames the scene and another bordering the edges of the lid. The box has a hinge to the top of the scene and rests on a flat bottom. Upon completing the work on this piece Aldoshkin signs his name and writes Fedoskino at the bottom of the composition.

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