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Title: Book-keeper
Artist: Kurilin Stanislav
Size: 4.5x5.5x3.5
Size (inches): 1.75x2.25x1.25
Price : $1100 SOLD!


Talented Fedoskino artist Stanislav Kurilin is the creator of this fantastic piece featuring a fairy-tale like book-keeper! Kurilin likes to experiment, and his works stand out for their unusual shapes, high quality of execution, and their interesting, bold, and eccentric subjects. All his works are original and unique and Stanislav spends a lot of time on working out his subjects.
The entire surface of this box is covered with marvelous compositions. On the lid Kurilin has depicted a gnome writing something in his book. The light of a candle brings a toothy grin to the face of this little man. Kurilin has then painted over the mother-of-pearl with transluscent paint to creat an incredible effect! This is repeated all over the edges of the piece.Flat inlaid mother-of-pearl is also used abudantly on the lid.
The sides are decorated with images of the quartz crystals and spider's net.
Kurilin has created a wonderful, vivid and fairytale-like image, which attracts the beholder's attention at first sight and immediately enchants him or her. Kurilin paints with a fine brush, masterfully elaborating all the minute details. Minute brushstrokes create the gnome features, his expressive, multi-toned face, his clothing with many folds and patterns, the beautiful crystals...
Stanislav paints with bright and mellow colors making the painting look even more vivid and expressive. The artist's color palette is bold, dominated by wine-colored tones with the addition of pink, red, brown, green and white colors.
The mother-of-pearl and gold foil used in the piece strengthen the beauty of the painting and create some interesting visual effects.
This unique box was crafted and carved out of paper-mache.
The interior is finished in red lacquer with ripples of gold and wine-colored tones. The interior includes original patterns of dots and flowers that are constructed from gold, aluminum and metallic red punch-outs (these are hand punched from metal sheets and then painstakingly affixed by hand to the box) on the lid and on the bottom. The lid is hinged, and the box stands on tiny round feet. The backside of the box contains the artist's name, the title, year, and the word "Fedoskino." The interior also includes the Fedoskino "troika" insignia stamped in orange paint on the roof of the lid.
A truly astounding piece by a master artist and innovator!

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