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Title: At the Dolmen
Artist: Kovaleov Valeriy
Size: 7.5x6x2
Size (inches): 3x2.25x0.75
Price : $1250 SOLD!


This small, Fedoskino box is a wonderful creation of Valeriy Kovaleov. The work is called “At the Dolmen”. A dolmen is a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones supporting a large flat horizontal capstone (table). Dolmens were usually covered with earth or smaller stones to form a barrow, though in many cases that covering has weathered away, leaving only the stone "skeleton" of the burial mound intact. In Russia dolmens can be found in the Caucasus.
The scene is painted in the unique Kovaleov's style. It shows father and his son coming up to the dolmen in the early morning. Judging by their clothes they are pagan, and may be they are going to perform some pagan rituals.
The scene is framed with a gold line. Various shades of green oils interact with each other forming a whimsical pattern on the box's exterior. The interior is traditionally covered with red lacquer. The work is signed with the artist's name and the title.

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