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Title: Sledging Down the Hill
Artist: Chistov Sergey
Size: 17.5x13.5x6.5
Size (inches): 7x5.25x2.5
Price : $1250 SOLD!


Sergey Chistov of Fedoskino painted this wonderful winter scene. His style and colors can be easily recognized and distinguished from all other Fedoskino painters. When you are handling a piece painted by Chistov you can get lost in the fantasy filled style, superb technique, and compositional mastery that Master has achieved over the years of his work.
The scene shows a scene from peasant life. It is cold winter day, but village girls and lads are not afraid of frost. All of them left their warm, cosy houses, and came to the ice-hill to sledge and have fun together. Rushing down the hill at breathtaking speed, the girls scream and laugh loudly, while the lads want to sledge faster and faster.
The palette Chistov uses incorporates reds, browns, whites and blues. Natural light is created in the scene by mixing aluminum paint into the oils. This creates the brilliance of snow, the depth of the sky, and decorates costumes of characters. The people and their facial expressions are depicted as if they were real, which adds to the life-like action permeating from the scene. The detailing is tediously managed and shows the artist's steady hand and great skill. The action in the foreground is intensely drawn up with precise lines, curves, and figures defining a moment that in real life would be over in a split second. It is a wonderful painting executed like a snapshot of an intimate scene in a truly Russian winter!
The sides of the box are decorated with a flowered pattern of profound golden filigree highlighted with aluminum.
The box is made out of paper-mache. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the box. The box has a hinge from the left of the composition and rests on a flat bottom. The Fedoskino Factory "troika" insignia can be found on the interior of the lid. The work is signed with the artist's name, the year of 1995 and the village of Fedoskino.

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