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Title: Wood Goblin
Artist: Maslov Vlad
Size: 9x5.5x12.5
Size (inches): 3.5x2.25x5
Price : $1650 SOLD!


This magnificent Fedokino box is an original master work of Vlad Maslov. Forest spirits is his favorite theme to depict. He has already created such brilliant works as "Baba-Yaga", "the Water Spirit", "Kikimora", "Forest Man" and many others. This box continues the artist's favorite theme and shows the Wood Goblins in the forest.
The Wood Goblin is an evil spirit in the Slavonic mythology. He is the Master and keeper of the forest and animals. He looks like an old man dressed in the beast skin as it is vividly shown in this composition. Sometimes he has horns and hoofs. He can change his height and become shorter than grass and taller than trees. Every time Wood Goblin meets a traveler in the forest, he starts to frighten him with his terrible laughter. Being alone in the forest, the traveler becomes paralyzed with fear and loses his way.
The whole surface of the piece is covered with elaborately painted scenes that depict the Wood Goblins, different animals, birds, insects and rich plant life. The palette is filled with green and brown oils that help to express vividly the forest landscape. Gold and silver powders are mixed with the oils to enrich to color palette. Pearl beads of different color and size are glued to the box's exterior to create a magic atmosphere throughout the composition.
The box is made out of paper-mache. The lid is hinged. The box rests on three pearl beads. The box's exterior bottom is covered with blue oils mixed with gold powder. A square piece of mother-of-pearl is glued to the exterior bottom on which Maslov has written his name and the title of the work. On the lid's interior the artist has painted a fallen leave and glued a pearl bead to it. The box's interior is of blue color that changes to light grey on the bottom.

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