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Title: Alice in Wonderland
Artist: Komogorovs Svetlana and Konstantin
Size: 13x8.5x18
Size (inches): 5x3.25x7
Price : $1950 SOLD!


This interesting work is a creation of the highly talented husband and wife artistic duet of Svetlana and Konstantin Komogorovs. The piece is of original design and looks very stylish. It shows several scenes from Lewis Carroll's classic tale "Alice in Wonderland". The whole surface of the box's exterior is covered with elaborately painted scenes from the tale, except the box's exterior bottom covered with black lacquer.
The box's lid depicts Alice peeping into the Rabbit's hole. Inside the hole she sees the Rabbit who runs through the corridor. At the end of the corridor there is a small door that leads into the loveliest garden one has ever seen. The Rabbit is in a great hurry because he has an appointment with the Duchess and mustn't be late. The box's front side shows some recognizable characters of the tale including Alice, the Cheshire Cat, the Hatter and the Caterpillar smoking the hookah on the big mushroom. On the box's rear side the artist has painted the Queen of Hearts and the Winged Lion.
The box is elaborately painted in bright oil paints. There are a lot of minute details that very interesting to observe such as the golden town painted on the Hatter's top hat, the eye that looks straightly at a viewer out of the tree's roots or fantastic creatures looking out of the hollows of the tree.
The box is nicely decorated. From the right and left of the central scenes the artists have painted the golden filigree designs that look like trees. These designs help to separate one scene from another. The Queen's costume is painted over gold and silver metal leaf. Alice's costume is painted over gold metal leaf inlay. The lion is painted in gold. Gold is also used to detail some elements of the composition including the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat and the Hatter.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. Red lacquer completes the interior of the box. The lid is hinged, and the box rests on a flat bottom. The work work is signed with the names of the artists, Fedoskino and the title.

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