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Title: Tale of Swineherd
Artist: Yevdokimova-Belovodova Svetlana
Size: 6x8.5x2
Size (inches): 2.25x3.25x0.75
Price : $1450 SOLD!


Well-known Fedoskino artist Svetlana Yevdokimova-Belovodova has created this Lacquer Art masterpiece.
Here the artist has chosen to depict the tale entitled "The Swineherd", written by Hans Christian Andersen. This tale tells about the capricious Princess who was punished for her self-conceit and foolishness.
The poor Prince fell in love with the capricious Princess. He presented her the nightingale that twittered tender melodies and the rose grown on the grave of his father. He made these presents with all his heart in the hope of marrying the Princess. But the light-headed Princess disregarded his good intension and ridiculed his presents. Bitterly resentful Prince disguised himself as a poor man and took a job at court of the Princess's father. He became the Swineherd intending to punish the Princess. To attract the Princess's attention, he invented different technical toys. One of them was the magic pot adorned with little jingling bells. If somebody decided cook dish using this pot, it started singing an old song:
"Ah! Dear Augustine!
All is gone, gone, gone!"
The Swineherd showed this pot to the Princess and she wanted to become its owner at any price. The Swineherd's price was very high - one hundred kisses of the Princess. The Princess kissed the Swineherd, and the King saw this scene by chance. Looking at his dear daughter kissing shamelessly with the dirty Swineherd, he became furious and drove her out of the kingdom. Afterwards the Swineherd took off his dirty clothes, washed his face and again became the handsome young Prince. This time the Princess wanted to marry him, but the Prince couldn't excuse her.
The whole surface of the box is covered with various scenes from this tale. The palette is very bright and vividly shows each character!
The box is made out of paper-mache. The exterior of the box is painted with scenes and rich ornaments,while red lacquer covers the interior of the box. The box is hinged to the left of the composition and rests on a flat bottom. The work is signed, dated (2006) and titled by the artist on the inside the lid of the box.

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