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Title: Kashtanka (based on A.Chekhov's story)
Artist: Glukhov Anton
Size: 7.5x3.5x11
Size (inches): 3x1.25x4.25
Price : $625 SOLD!


This box, painted on the theme of Anton Chekhhov's classic story "Kashtanka" is an another creation of Fedoskino artist Anton Glukhov. This talented artist has a peculiar painting style notable for aesthetic beauty, and creative approach to a chosen theme. Glukhov is a son of well-known Fedoskino Master-Elena Khomutinnikova.
Summary of a story:
The dog Kashtanka belongs to a drunken carpenter who takes her out one day, but on the way home loses her in the confusion of a military parade. The story is told by an omniscient narrator who privileges Kashtanka's point of view, so we follow the dog's subsequent adventures largely from her eyes.
After spending a frightening night in the street, Kashtanka is rescued by a kind man who feeds her and takes her into his home, which turns out to be a strange menagerie. The rescuer happens to run a traveling animal show, in which the star performers are a goose named Ivan Ivanitch and a cat by the name of Fyodor Timofeyitch. Kashtanka's new master renames her "Auntie" and sets about training her to perform in his act.
"Auntie" thoroughly enjoys her new surroundings. Her master is kind, there is plenty of food and love; and "Auntie" gets along well with the other animals. However, one day the carpenter and his son attend the show and see "Auntie" performing. They instantly recognize her and call out, "Kashtanka!" Kashtanka drops her "Auntie" persona and follows them home, as the pleasures of her interlude with her new master rapidly fade from memory.
Each of the box's sides show beautiful views of St.Petersburg or interesting moments of the story.
The work is beautifully painted in tones over a piece of mother-of-pearl and silver powders to create a unique glow and breathtaking depth. To make the box look more appealing the box's sides are decorated with gold frames. At the bottom of the box's body Glukhov has written in Russian some phrases from the story.
The box is constructed of paper-mache. The exterior of the piece is painted with black lacquer while the interior is painted with red lacquer. The lid is hinged, and the box rests flat. Signed with the artist's name.

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