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Title: The Nutcracker(a treasure box with drawers)
Artist: Makarov Eduard
Size: 10.5x5x13
Size (inches): 4x2x5
Price : $2750 SOLD!


Eduard Makarov is one of the unique Fedoskino artists working today. His creations draw from a variety of sources, and all have the highest quality! The theme of this box, which has an original shape with four drawers, is E.T.A. Goffman's Christmas tale "The Nutcracker". The plot of this tale is familiar to anyone, as it is one of the most popular children's tales.
The following information on this box has been given to by Eduard Makarov. In this text he has tried to describe his fantasies on the theme of Goffman's thrilling tale, and explain the surrealistic images he has painted on this exquisite box.
On one of the box's sides we can see girl Mary with Nutcracker in her hands. The box's front side shows the rendezvous of the Nutcracker who has turned into the handsome prince and Mary who looks like the lady-bride. On the top of the box we can see a battle of a Nutcracker with
According to Makarov, in this splendid work he has tried to reproduce the mystical atmosphere of the tale by means of peculiar color combinations and surrealistic images.
As usual, Makarov makes the composition multi-layered to get a three-dimensional effect and create a dynamic experience for the eye. The palette is also distinctive; it includes beautifully combined blue, green and brown oils, and various metallic powders and paints to give a feeling of magic and splendor. This jewel, iridescent palette which is a signature trait of Makarov's lacquer art, reproduces a sensation that the box glows as though lit from within. Some areas of the composition shine with mother-of-pearl inlay; in some places mother-of-pearl helps to create three-dimensional elements such as the Nutcracker's hands and the magic kernel. Besides mother-of-pearl, gold and silver powders, Makarov has used many other supplementary mediums like gold paint, lustrous gold metal leaf, and "scan"(a special method of decoration produced by means tiny gold and aluminum shapes hand punched from gold and silver metal sheets and then painstakingly affixed by hand to the box).
The box is constructed from paper-mache. The box's drawers were covered with red lacquer, and then sprinkled with gold metal powder for the box's additional decoration. Signed with the artist's name, the title ("The Nutcracker" Goffman /1776-1822/), Fedoskino and the year of 2013 on the box's exterior bottom.

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