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Title: The Witch
Artist: Maslov Alexander
Size: 22.5x15x7
Size (inches): 9x6x2.75
Price : $1250 SOLD!


Alexander Maslov is the talented Fedoskino artist who is able to make the magic world of a Russian fairy-tale come true. His favorite heroine of a Russian fairy-tale is the forest witch, Baba-Yaga and he likes to depict this heroine in his unique compositions. Alexander is the oldest brother in the Maslovs family, his younger brother Vladislav is also well-known talented artist.
Baba-Yaga is the oldest character of the Slavonic mythology. Originally Baba-Yaga was the goddess of death; people imagined her as a woman with the snake tail who guarded the entrance into the other world and accompanied the souls of dead people into the Kingdom of the Dead. Baba-Yaga is the most famous figure in Russian fairy-tales that represents evil. It is a character of such fairy-tales as "Marya Morevna", "Princess Frog", "The Tale of Life Water and Youth Giving Apples", and many, many others.
In this composition Baba-Yaga is inside her Hut on the chicken legs. She is accompanied by her servants: the black cat, the raven and forest birds.
The composition is painted in a bright palette of oil paints. Gold metal powder shines through the oils in some parts of the composition and creates a source of light inside the hut.
The composition is framed with a gold and purple lines. The box's exterior imitates a stone color (golden spots cover the turquoise background). The box's interior is of red.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. A hinge is fastened to the top of the composition , and the box rests flat. The box is signed with the title of the work -The Witch, the artist's name and the year of 2019.

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