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Title: A Fox and a Wolf
Artist: Rogatov Dmitriy
Size: 22x22x3.5
Size (inches): 8.5x8.5x1.25
Price : $795 SOLD!


This interesting and rare scene was painted by Dmitriy Rogatov of Fedoskino.
The painting is based on Russian Fairy Tale called "A Fox and a Wolf" or "Broken unbroken lucky".
So here is the story:
Once upon a time a Grandfather and a Grandma are lived in one village. Grandfather says to Grandma:
-You, Baba, bake the pies, and I'll hitch up the sledge and go get the fish.
He's caught some fish and was taking a whole cartload home. Here he goes and sees: a fox curled up and lying on the road. The grandfather got down from the cart, went to the fox, and she did not stir, she lay as if dead.
-Here will be a present for my wife,- said my Grandfather, and he took the fox and put it on the cart, and went ahead.
And the fox took the time and began to throw everything out of the cart slowly, one fish at a time, one fish at a time, one fish at a time. I threw all the fish and left myself.
-Well, Grandma,- says grandfather: -What a collar I brought you for your fur coat!
-There's a fish and a collar on the cart.
The woman came up to the cart: no collar, no fish and began to scold her husband:
-Hey, you! So-and-so! You're still trying to cheat!
Then my Grandfather realized that the fox was not dead. Grieved, grieved, but there's nothing to do.
And the fox gathered all the scattered fishes in a pile, sat down on the road and eats them. The gray wolf comes to her:
-Hello, sister!
-Hello, brother!
-Give me some fish!
-Catch it yourself and eat it.
-I don't know how.
-Well, after all, I caught it! You, brother, go to the river, put your tail in the ice hole, sit and say something: Catch, little fish, both small and big one! Catch, fish, and small and big one! Fish to you itself on the tail will be attached. And yes, sit there for long time, or you won't catch it.
The wolf went to the river, put his tail in the ice hole and says:
-Catch, fish, and small and big one!
-Catch, fish, and small and big one!
After him, the fox also appeared: he walks around the wolf and laments:
-Clear, clear the stars in the sky!
-Freeze, freeze, wolf tail!
-What are you saying, little fox-sister?
-I'm helping you.
And then fox repeats once again:
-Freeze, freeze, wolf tail!
For a long, long time the wolf sat at the ice hole, the whole night did not move from his place, and his tail froze; he tried to raise himself up, but it was imposible!
-Wow, how many fishes have piled up-and you can't get them out!
He thinks.
He looked around, and the women go for water and shout when they see the gray one:
-Wolf, wolf! Hit him! Hit him!
They came running and began to beat the wolf, some with a yoke, some with a bucket,some with anything. The wolf leaped and leaped, tore off its tail, and began to run without looking back.
-Well, he thinks, - I'll pay you back, sister!
Meanwhile, while the wolf was puffing away with his sides, the fox-sister wanted to see if she could steal something else. Fox got into one of the huts where the women were baking pancakes, but she got it's head in a tub of dough, got smeared and ran. And the wolf met her:
-Is that how you teach? I've been beaten all over!
-Oh, wolf-brother!-says the fox-sister. At least you're bleeding, but I have a brain, I'm more painful than your beat, I can hardly drag myself.
-And it's true,- says the wolf,
where can you go, sister, sit on me, I'll take you.
The fox sat on his back, and he hung her up.
Here is a fox-sister sitting, but slowly and says:
-Broken unbroken lucky,
-The broken unbroken is lucky!
-What are you saying, sister?
-Well, brother, say: The broken one is lucky.
Well, sister, yes!
Here , on this box we can see one of the major moments of the story, when the fox is stealing the fish from Grandfather's cart.
The scene is painted in blue, white and light grey oils suitable for reproduction of a winter forest.
The artist continue the painting on the sides of the box.
Two parallel silver lines wrap around the box's sides.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the box while red lacquer completes the interior of the work. The lid is hinged from the top of the painting, and the box rests flat.
The work is signed with the artist's name, Fedoskino and the year of 2018.

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