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Title: Tale of a Golden Cockerel
Artist: Chistov Sergey
Size: 34x23x11.5
Size (inches): 13.25x9x4.5
Price : $1595 SOLD!


Established Master Sergey Chistov of Fedoskino has painted this original composition. His works are very unique to Fedoskino, as they are painted in his recognizible pallette and style.
In his works the artist has used rich colors. He shows the tales and stories he depicts as if everything had the capacity for magic. It's no wonder that his works are kept in the Fedoskino's Museum of lacquer art!
Composition on this box shows the scene from Pushkin's Tale of a Golden Cockerel.
It is a story of Tsar Dadon who received from a magic astrologer a magic golden cockerel and in return for it promised to fulfill any of the astrologer's wishes. The cockerel crowed to warn the tsar of approaching danger, thus enabling him to assemble troops and rebuff the enemy attack. When the cockerel crowed again to alarm, the tsar sent his sons at the head of the troops in the direction from which danger threatened. When his sons didn't return, he set out with an army himself. Instead of an armed enemy he was met by the beautiful Shemakha Queen. She was the enemy of whom the cockerel had warned the tsar. The silly and lustful tsar didn't want to believe the cockerel and proposed marriage the Shemakha Queen in spite of the fact that it was obvious that she had killed his sons. In the end of the story the tsar is punished and killed because of his carelessness.
Here we can see a final scene of a Tale.
Tsar Saltan returns to his kingdom with the Shemakha Queen intending to marry her. He is stopped by the astrologer who asks to fulfill his promised wish. His wishes to marry the Shemakha Queen instead of Tsar Saltan. Swelling with rage Dadon strikes the astrologer with his staff, while simultaneously the cockerel pecks Dadon to death.
The edges of a lid are framed with a line of gold paint.The box's sides are decorated with two parallel gold lines.
The box is made out of paper-mache. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the box. A hinge has been fastened to the top of the composition, and the box rests on the four legs. The work is signed with the artist's name, the village of Fedoskino and 2016 at the bottom of the composition.

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