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Title: Mermaids are joking
Artist: Wagner Marie
Size: 8.5x6.5x11
Size (inches): 3.25x2.5x4.25
Price : $750 SOLD!


This multi-surface casket was painted by an established Fedoskino artist Marie Wagner.
The paintings are based on stories of Mermaids. Mermaids watch the fishermen from the water and sometimes from the trees, help someone catch fish, and put someone to sleep. In general, in addition to stories when mermaids dragged fishermen or swimmers under the water, this is a positive mythical heroine.
Someone believes that the souls of the drowned girls moved into the fish and were reborn into a creature with a tail and a human torso.
The palette is one commonly used by Wagner; reds and blues that are vivid and bright create the focal points in the scenes. Wagner's style is one that is unique to Fedoskino, and can easily be distinguished from other artists' styles.
Aluminum powder combined with the oil paints gives a luminescent quality to all the parts of the paintings. This is a striking small compositions from all angles.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. The exterior of the box is painted with black lacquer while the interior is completed with dark red lacquer. A hinge is placed in the middle of the casket. The box rests on four legs. The work is not signed.
Shinning silver and gold foil. no mother of pearl. Fedoskino and artist name. not signed

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