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Title: Tale of Tzar Saltan
Artist: Vlezko Vladimir
Size: 7x7x5.5
Price : $385 SOLD!


This composition is painted by the well-known Palekh artist Vladimir Vlezko in 2003. Vladimir's works stand out for the strict adherence to the traditional Palekh style that dates back to the days of ancient icon painting and a great skill of painting.
The box depicts a scene from the Pushkin's fairy-tale "The Tale of Tsar Saltan". Prince Gvidon embraces the Princess Swan and shows her the ship on the board of which his father is sailing. Tsar Saltan will see in this fairy island many wonders: the squirrel that all day long shells golden nuts, separating gold nutshells from emerald kernel of nuts, the thirty-three knights with their uncle old Chernomor, rising from the raging sea, and, certainly, he will be very surprised to meet there his beloved wife and son.
The drawing is colorful and filled with intricate details. Bright red, green, yellow, blue color patches seem to be brighter against the black background. Gold paint is used to adorn almost all elements of the composition. All characters are drawn in details; their individualized faces express different emotions, their costumes are decorated with variegated and golden floral patterns. A countless number of tiny brushstrokes create folds on the clothes and sails, and help to accentuate the outlines of ship, architecture and landscape.
The scene is penetrated with the sense of magic world of a fairy-tale. Fantastic plants, multicolored architecture and Russian traditional costumes of the characters strengthen this sensation.
The box is constructed out of high-grade paper-mache. The lid is hinged on top and the box stands on four round feet. The exterior of the piece is painted with black lacquer and interior is painted with red lacquer. The lid of the box is decorated with the elegant gold patterns. The sides of the boxes are adorned with the more intricate gold floral patterns. Upon completion of the box the artist writes "Palekh", his name and the year of 2003.

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