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Title: Morozko
Artist: Bokareva Anna
Size: 7.5x7.5x4
Size (inches): 3x3x1.25
Price : $195 SOLD!


This traditional Palekh box painted by Anna Bokaryova shows a scene from the well-known Russian fairy-tale "Father Frost" (Morozko). The poor little girl sent to the forest by her cruel stepmother sits under the tree till Father Frost finds her. He blows at her with his frost breathing, but in spite of her suffering, the girl greets him politely and does not complain about her condition. Impressed by her stoicism and respectful demeanor that Father Frost rewards her with a fur coat, a box filled with jewels, and other fine treasures.
The composition is mostly painted in white-bluish tones that fit excellently for reproduction of a winter landscape. Gold and aluminum highlight every minor detail. At first sight the composition seems to be simple, but if you look at it more attentively you'll see that it isn't so. This small sized scene contains a lot of different elements such as different plants (each has its own design), various animals (squirrels, birds, a rabbit), ornaments on the character's costumes and on the chest, snowflakes and stars of different shape.
The composition of the lid and the box's sides are decorated with complex gold patterns featuring foliage with inserted aluminum flowers. The edges of the lid are additionally adorned with gold beading.
The box is constructed from paper-mache made. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the piece while a lively red lacquer completes the interior of the work. A hinge has been fastened to the top of the composition and the box rests on four round feet. The work is signed, dated (2004) and titled ("Morozko") by the artist.

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