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Title: There is something in her...
Artist: Kolesnik Sergey and Inna Akimova
Size: 7x7x6
Size (inches): 2.75x2.75x2.5
Price : $385 SOLD!


This charming round box was painted by Palekh artist Sergey Kolesnik and his wife Inna Akimova. Its subject is based on literary works of the famous English poet, writer, actor and scriptwriter S. Milligan (1918-2002). The whole surface of the box's lid and its sides is covered with scenes from his poetry. The scene depicted on the box's lid shows a scene from Milligan's verse "There is something about her". The scenes decorating the box's sides show fragments from his other verses including "Rhymes", "Little Elephant", "Swan", "Father and Hat", "Two Strange Gentlemen". The titles of these verses are written on the sides of the lid in gold and aluminum paints.
The box is painted in bright, bold tones with the predominance of brown, red and green tones. Each of the scenes is extremely well detailed. The clothing of the characters is a prime indicator of this fact. Pockets, folds, cuffs, ties and other tiny details are all painted very realistically. Facial features of the characters are precise and their body language is expressive. The architecture is masterfully completed. The curvature of the buildings creates depth as well as beauty. The structure of the composition is complex; it is filled with deferent kinds of elements including people, animals, architecture and plants. It is truly loaded with aesthetic and traditional quality.
The box is made out of paper-mache made. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the piece. The lid of the box removes easily without hinge. Gold beads decorate the edges of the lid and the prominent rim on the box's sides. The box rests on a small platform. It is signed with the artist's name and the village.

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