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Title: Pinoccio/Buratino
Artist: Rodionova Ludmila
Size: 14.5x7x2
Size (inches): 5.75x2.75x0.75
Price : $495 SOLD!


This enchanting piece was created by talented Palekh artist Luidmila Rodionova. This artist uses a choice of color which is enhanced through fine technique and precise execution. Fairy-tale splendor.
The box features the story derived from the timeless classic, made famous by Walt Disney, "Pinochio". When the Great Russian writer Aleksey Tolstoy was a child, he often read a very interesting book "Pinochio or the adventures a wooden puppet". But soon the boy lost his favorite book and began to retell the story to his friends, devising new adventures by himself. Many years passed and young Aleksey soon became a prominent writer. It was then when Tolstoy decided to write his own version of the story which he loved so much in his childhood.
Here we see story on canvas. The colors come in a vivid splash of delicious animation. Fine brushwork must be used to develop the surreal detail of each character portrayed on the box. We see young Buratino, with Golden Key in hand, racing away from the evil Karabas-Barabas and his partner in crime Duremar. Karabas-Barabas takes the place of the Stromboli character seen in "Pinochio". To the right we notice the con artists, Alisa the Fox and the blind cat Basilio. On numerous occasions they attempt to steal Buratino's gold coins. The sign above these two points to the "Fools's Land", where they tell Buratino he will have great fan and adventure. The two characters crouching down on the left hand side are the beautiful puppet girl Malvina; her home is at the top of the composition; and to her left is the melancholy puppet Pierot. The bat painted on the piece is the Black Bat that helps Buratino escape from Malvina's shed, where she locked him earlier out of frustration with his antics. All these delightful characters bring a dynamic energy to the entire piece.
Shades of forest and lime green breath detail into the woods and the grassy surroundings. Vibrant oranges, creamy blues, lilac and lavender compose the clothing of the characters and the remaining imagery of the landscape. Rodionova does an amazing job with gold contours. Because of these golden highlights, the entire piece casts a blooming radiance from off its surface. The beard of the angry Karabs-Barabas, the foliage and the Rooster which Buratino rides are of particular note.
The box is constructed out of paper-mache. Fanciful golden scrollwork frames the lid's composition. At each corner of the lid is a crown-like design of golden filigree accented by an aluminum painted wild flower. The sides of the box are decorated with a pattern of swirling golden leafed filigree, aluminum beading and aluminum flower petals. Black lacquer covers the exterior and red lacquer covers the interior of the piece. The box is hinged from the left and rests on a flat bottom. It is signed with the artist's name, the village of Palekh, and the year of 2002.

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