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Title: Yudith
Artist: Bykova Katherine
Size: 9x12x4
Size (inches): 3.5x4.75x1.5
Price : $475 SOLD!


This sumptuous box is an art work of the prominent Palekh artist, Katerina Bykova. Painted on the religious theme, the box shows the famous biblical character Judith. Judith was a daring and beautiful widow. She was upset with her Jewish countrymen for not trusting God to deliver them from their foreign conquerors. She went with her loyal maid to the camp of the enemy general, Holofernes, to whom she slowly ingratiated herself, promising him information on the Israelites. Gaining his trust, she was allowed access to his tent one night as he lied in a drunken stupor. She decapitated him, then took his head back to her fearful countrymen. The Assyrians knew that their leader was dead and dispersed, and Israel was saved. Though Judith was courted by many, she remained unmarried for the rest of her life.
Like most of Bykova's boxes this work is painted in usual manner for Palekh miniature art. Bykova has elaborated her own painting style that is so highly estimated by collectors of lacquer miniature all over the world. Working on this portrait the artist has used bright red and crimson tones of tempera paints with addition of browns and blues. The costume of Judith is richly detailed with shining gold paint.
The portrait is framed with an elegant pattern composed of waving gold lines. The box's exterior is covered with light violet lacquer. The box's interior is traditionally covered with red lacquer.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. A hinge is fastened to the left of the portrait and the box rests on four small legs. On the lid's interior Bykova has written the title "Judith", Palekh, and her name, as well as an indication that this is her art work.

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