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Title: Tale of Tsar Saltan
Artist: Myznikov Yevgeniy
Size: 8.5x6.5x6.5
Size (inches): 3.25x2.5x2.5
Price : $495 SOLD!


This is a gorgeous piece of Russian artistry. The colors toast themselves while an intricate assortment of golden contours get the first dance. Yevgeniy Myznikov, from the village of Palekh is the exceptional talent responsible for this masterful presentation.
The box features several scenes from the popular Russian story entitled, "The Tale of Tsar Saltan." Four scenes wrap around the sides of the box in uniform, meaning that there isn't any break in the action and the scenes appear to blend into one another. The lid's artistry represents the middle part of the story when Tsar Saltan arrived at the wondrous island ruled by Prince Gvidon. He heard many fantastic stories about this mysterious place and decided to visit it. On the front side, Gvidon shows Tsar Saltan the magic squirrel that shells golden nuts. On the left side, Tsar Saltan recognizes his wife that was cruelly murdered by his order in Gvidon's mother.
The right side depicts talking to his beautiful wife, Princess Swan. The rear side of the box shows Prince Gvidon showing Tsar Saltan the thirty-three Warriors of the Sea.
The shinning metal contours identify Myznikov as a real talent. Whether it is gold or aluminum paint, the highlights here are what set this piece apart. A reflective shine, one normally found within jewelry, has been developed throughout each scene. The characters' clothes contain great evidence of this. Because of the shading and precision, the clothes are granted texture and a shimmering brilliance that is very difficult to produce. The contours also bring out the fairy-tale luster within the palette. The greens are elegant, the reds powerful and the blues soothing. The customary black lacquer background of Palekh pieces enhances the tones as well. A true beauty has been completed.
The box is constructed from paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to complete the exterior of the piece while a radiant red lacquer completes the interior of the box. The lid of the piece removes easily without hinge. The decorative elements of the presentation are expertly achieved to say the very least. The lower, extending edge of the base and the framing for the lid's composition are finished with some enticing filigree work. Not only are these patterns very attractive, but they also compliment the inner royalty of the golden contours found inside the composition. This piece rests upon four angled feet carved as a portion of the base. Each foot is also decorated with tiny ornamental wildflowers on either flat side. The artist wrote his name, the village name of Palekh and the year of 2005 of which the piece was finished along the bottom of the lid's composition in gold paint.

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