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Title: The Hump Backed Little Pony
Artist: Rodionova Ludmila
Size: 11.5x8x5
Size (inches): 4.5x3x2
Price : $750 SOLD!


This beautiful piece of authentic Russian lacquer artistry was created by the talented Lyudmila Rodionova from the village of Palekh. She is consistent in her creation of highly descriptive work. The art work describes the moment, the moment is full of personality and delightful animation. She will also impress you with her fascinating facial expressions and landscapes that seem to be pulled directly from the storybook itself.
The oval shaped box features several scenes from the popular fairy-tale "The Hump Backed Little Pony". Each scene depicted here shows a different adventure. The left middle part of the composition shows the beginning of the story when Ivan caught the magic mare that trampled down wheat on his father's field. This mare promised Ivan to present three foals in exchange for freedom. Later two of these foals turned into the steeds with golden manes depicted here, and the third one turned into the Humpbacked Little Pony. The left upper part of the composition features the Tsar Maiden's mother, the Moon, inside her celestial palace, while the right upper part of the composition depicts Ivan's traveling to the Sun's (Tsar Maiden's father) palace. This unusual travel has been caused by the request of the Tsar-Maiden. She has asked Ivan to convey her greetings to her mother (the Moon) and her brother (the Sun), and to ask why they have been hiding from her for three days. The right part of the composition depicts the tent with dinner and a jar of wine inside that Ivan has erected to lure and capture the Tsar-Maiden who is boating nearby. Just a little below this scene we can see Ivan capturing the Fire Bird by the order of the old greedy tsar. In the middle upper part of the composition there is the huge whale, whose back is covered with forests, meadows and villages. This huge monster will help Ivan to bring the ring of Tsar-Maiden, lost somewhere on the bottom of the ocean. In the middle bottom part of the composition we can see Ivan and his friend, the Humpbacked Little Pony.
The colors come in a vivid splash of delicious animation. Vibrant oranges, creamy blues, bright reds, greens and browns compose the clothing of the characters and the remaining imagery of the landscape. The black lacquer exterior, used as the night sky, makes all of the colors dive right into the palm of your hand. Rodionova does an amazing job with gold contours. Because of these golden highlights, the entire piece casts a blooming radiance from off its surface.
The sides of the box are decorated with complex gold patterns highlighted with aluminum. On the front and rear sides of the box there are two tiny additional miniatures. One of them shows the greedy tsar sitting on the bed and holding the feature of Fire Bird, while another one features Ivan bathing in the boiling water. After this procedure he turned into the handsome lad.
The box is constructed from quality paper-mache. The box is hinged from the top of the scene, and rests on wavy platform. The work is signed and dated (1999) by the artist.

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