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Title: The Wooden Eagle
Artist: Smirnova Vera
Size: 21x16x5.5
Size (inches): 8.25x6.25x2.25
Price : $1800 SOLD!


Vera Smirnova is the exceptional talent responsible for this delightfully romantic presentation. The characters are very expressive and there is an elegant lucidity that develops the architecture which is very difficult for an artist to attain. Experience has served the artist well.
The box features an extract from the very interesting Russian fairy-tale "The Wooden Eagle". Two craftsmen argued about the level of their professionalism, and the tsar ordered to demonstrate their talents by making wondrous articles for him. One of them created the golden duck that could swim, quack, and clean its feathers as if it was living. Another one made the wooden eagle that could fly and looked like the real one. The young tsarevich saddled the wooden eagle, raised high in the skies and disappeared behind the clouds. He flew to the rich kingdom, soon found out that the beautiful Princess is locked inside the high tower. Tsarevich saddled the wooden eagle again, flew up and entered the Princess room. They fell in love with each other and the tsarevich proposed marriage to the maiden. The Princess accepted his proposal and the tsarevich took the girl to his native kingdom where a sumptuous wedding was arranged.
As customary with Palekh tradition, the artist uses the black lacquer exterior as the background for the composition. This intensifies the colors and especially the contours. The background towers and arches are expertly achieved. The arches are decorated with luxuriant bright golden patterns made out of gold metal leaf. Gold metal leaf is also used to create the costumes of all characters. The sides of the box are decorated with beautiful gold patterns composed of gold metal leaf.
The box is made out of paper-mache made. Red lacquer covers the interior of the box and black lacquer is used to paint the exterior. The box has a hinge from the left of the composition and rests on four legs. The box is signed with the artist's name, the village of Palekh, the title and the year of 2005.

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