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Title: Vasilisa the wise
Artist: Chibisov Roman
Size: 12.5x9.5x3
Size (inches): 5x3.75x1
Price : $950 SOLD!


This attractive box has been painted by Roman Chibisov from the village of Palekh. It features a scene from the Russian folk fairy-tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful". Vasilisa's stepmother sent her to Baba-Yaga to ask her for light, secretly hoping that Baba-Yaga would eat the girl or she would get lost in the forest and die. When Vasilisa came to Baba-Yaga's hut, she suddenly met three riders: the Red Sun Rider, the Dark Night Rider, and the Bright Day Rider.
Here the artist has painted the moment of the fairy-tale when Vasilisa came across the Red Sun Rider.

"Suddenly a horseman rides,
A horseman all in red,
His steed is red,
This is the Red Sun,
The red Sun
Is rising...

Vasilisa holds in her hands her small doll that always helped her to fulfill difficult Baba-Yaga's tasks.
The scene demonstrates the artist's refined painting style and professionalism. The palette is quite diverse; the predominance is given to yellows, oranges, and reds. Gold paints are used to enhance the detail and to outline areas of the scene for added emphasis. The composition is extremely well executed. A distinct feeling of fantasy has been created here.
The ornamentation of the box is astonishing. The scene is framed with rich gold floral patterns cut out of lustrous gold metal foil. The sides of the box are decorated with intricate floral designs painted in gold.
The box is made out of paper-mache. Red lacquer covers the interior of the box and black lacquer is used to paint the exterior. The box has a hinge from the left of the composition and rests on a flat bottom. The work is signed with the artist's name, the year of 2005, the title and the village of Palekh.

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