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Title: The Enchanted World
Artist: Zhiryakova Galina
Size: 30x23x8.5
Size (inches): 12x9x3.25
Price : $6500 SOLD!


This large box has been painted by Galina Zhiryakov from the village of Palekh. This work speaks for itself, showing the artist's talent and high professional skill. It is based on the Conan Doyle's novel "The Lost World". Below you can read the summary of this thrilling novel.
Ed Malone, a reporter for the London Journal, went to his editor, McArdle, to get a dangerous and adventurous mission (to impress the woman he loves so she will marry him), so McArdle sent Malone to interview Professor Challenger, a notable task as Challenger has assaulted some four or five other journalists who have come to speak with him on his discovery of dinosaurs in South America. The discovery has been thus far ridiculed by the mainstream, but Challenger, after also assaulting Malone, convinces him of its veracity and invites him on an expedition to the Amazon to gather more evidence. Two other characters are also invited, Professor Summerlee, another scientist qualified to examine any evidence, and Lord John Roxton, an adventurer who knows the Amazon and several years previous to the action in the book helped end slavery in South America. They reach the plateau with the aid of Indian guides, who are superstitiously scared of the area, and trickle away by the time the expedition reaches its goal, with the exception of two Indians. One of these Indians, Gomez, is the brother of a man that Roxton killed when he was fighting slavery the last time he was in South America. When the expedition manages to get onto the plateau Gomez traps them there by destroying their bridge. The other Indian, Zambo, is loyal and remains at the base of the plateau to help his employers if they can get back down. Deciding to investigate the lost world, they are attacked by pterodactyls (or "flying lizards") at a swamp, and Roxton finds some blue clay to which he takes an excessive degree of interest. After exploring the terrain and having a few misadventures in which the expedition nearly misses being killed by dinosaurs, they discover that there are also two humanoid species living on the plateau. One is a race of ape-like creatures, and the other is a tribe of actual humans. It is theorized by the two scientists that it was easier in the past to get onto the plateau, which explains why the post-jurassic species are there. At any rate, the two species are constantly fighting each other, and Challenger and Summerlee are captured by the ape-men. Roxton and Malone, when they realize this, go out to find and rescue the professors, and find them just in time to keep the ape-men from pushing them off the side of the plateau, a fall which would be fatal. They then flee the ape-men and join up with the human tribe. Under their leadership, the tribe defeats the ape-men and achieves superiority over the plateau. The expedition then discovers that the caves which the tribe lives in have tunnels leading off the plateau, unknown by the human tribe. The expedition must sneak out, as the tribe wishes them to remain. They return to England and bring with them a Pterodactyl, which promptly escapes when showcased and is dismissed as some sort of bird by the public, as no one gets a good look at it. When Malone had dinner with the other expedition members at Roxton's apartment, Roxton showed them the blue clay, which, when cut open, was revealed to contain diamonds. Their estimated worth was

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