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Title: The Sorceress and the Golden Duck
Artist: Chibisov Roman
Size: 7.5x4.5x11.5
Size (inches): 3x1.75x4.5
Price : $1650 SOLD!


This splendid box has been created by Roman Chibisov from the village of Palekh. It features several scenes from the Russian fairy-tale "The Sorceress and the Golden Duck". The malicious witch, having turned the true tsarina into a duck, acquired her appearance, and took her place of the powerful tsar's wife. She thought that in future tsarina's children would be her contenders and would be able to dethrone her. At night she came into the children's room, and killed the little ones. But every fairy-tale must have a happy end, and this one isn't exception. The true tsarina managed to regain her appearance, to bring her children back to life, and to punish the unmasked witch.
The box includes three scenes located on the lid, on the front and rear sides of the box's body. Gold and aluminum paints add various details throughout each scene, and fill it with magnetic brilliance. Lustrous gold metal leaf adds more splendor to the scenes creating radiance of the sky and decorating the costumes of the characters.
Gold metal leaf is also used to create beautiful floral ornamentation that frames each scene. Wonderful flowers, intricately painted in gold and aluminum paints with a fine brush, can be found between the scenes located on the front and rear sides of the box's body.
The box is made out of paper-mache. Red lacquer covers the interior of the box and black lacquer is used to paint the exterior. The box is hinged, and rests on a flat bottom. The work is signed with the artist's name, the year of 2006, the title and the village of Palekh in gold paints on the lid's interior.

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