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Title: Tale of Fedot the Hunter
Artist: Chibisov Roman
Size: 11x11.5x6
Size (inches): 4.25x4.5x2.25
Price : $1350 SOLD!


Roman Chibisov is a talented Palekh artist whose popularity grows with each his new box. His brilliantly painted works are always very bright as he likes to decorate them with the gold metal leaf inlay. This is one more his splendid creation that is a true work of art!
The box shows the Russian folk fairy-tale "Fedot the Rifleman". In this fairy-tale the court rifleman Fedot finds the turtledove in the forest and wants to shoot it. But the bird says in a human voice: "Don't kill me! I will be a faithful and merry wife!". Saying these strange words, the bird turned into the beautiful maiden. Fedot marries this maiden, and they live happily till the tsar of the kingdom falls in love with Fedot's wife. But the maiden loves Fedot, and rejects the tsar's proposal of marriage. The persistent tsar decides to get rid of the rifleman and marry his wife. To realize his plan, the tsar forces his adviser to contrive ways of killing Fedot. The tsar adviser meets a barfly in a tavern, who helps him to contrive these ways. At first the tsar orders Fedot to go to the next world and find out how the deceased tsar's father is getting on. Afterwards the tsar orders to catch him Cat the Lullaby Singer, and at last he orders Fedot to fulfill the unrealizable task: "go to the place which location is unknown, and bring something that nobody has never seen". The end of the fairy-tale is happy. Fedot manages to perform all these tasks, to punish the tsar and become the ruler of the kingdom.
The box depicts the main characters of this thrilling fairy-tale. Here we can see the magic turtledove that Fedot accidentally found in the forest, the tsar, Fedot the Rifleman, Fedot's wife, and the tsar's adviser giving money to the barfly for helping him to contrive methods of Fedot's killing.
The scene is masterfully painted in bright tempera paints. Brilliant gold and silver paints are applied with a very thin brush to enhance various details. Gold paint is also used to create the pattern composed of beads that frames the scene painted on the box's lid. On the box's sides Chibisov created the magnificent floral ornamentation using gold metal leaf and black tempera paints. This ornamentation is accompanied by the images of various species of butterflies painted in bright tempera paints.
The box is elegantly shaped and made out of paper-mache. Red lacquer covers the interior of the box and black lacquer is used to paint the exterior. The lid is hinged at top, and the box rests on legs. Signed with the artist's name, the village of Palekh, the year of 2006 and the title.

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