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Title: Pushkin's Fairy Tales
Artist: Vlezko Vladimir
Size: 34x28x9.5
Size (inches): 13.25x11x3.75
Price : $3750 SOLD!


This grandiose set of Palekh lacquer miniature art is a creation of Vladimir Vlezko. The set includes one large box that contains four boxes of a smaller size. Called "Pushkin's fairy-tales", this work is dedicated to the creativity of the greatest Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin.
The composition painted on the lid of the large box shows some scenes from the introduction to the popular poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila". In the center of the box Vlezko has painted Alexander Pushkin, and all around his figure the artist has drawn various characters of his literary works. Here we can see the mermaid sitting on the old oak's branches, the hut on chicken legs where Baba-Yaga lives, Kashchey bending over his treasures, Ruslan fighting with Chernomor, the thirty three knights emerging from the raging sea, the learnt cat walking along the golden chain and telling fairy-tales, Baba-Yaga riding her mortar, and many other characters invented by Alexander Pushkin.
The boxes enclosed into the large box depict the scenes from the following Pushkin's tales: "Ruslan and Luydmila", and "The Sleeping Princess".
Each of the boxes is painted in the traditional Palekh style. The palette is very rich and filled with bright tempera paints. Various details are enhanced with gold and aluminum paint.
The exterior of this work is richly decorated. The edges of each box's lid are decorated with gold leafy patterns, while their sides are adorned with elegant gold leafy patterns accompanied by silver flowers. The large box as well as four boxes that it contains is hinged from the top of the composition; each box is covered with black lacquer while their interior is covered with red lacquer. The large box rests on a flat bottom while each of the boxes that it contains rests on four rounded legs. At the bottom of the composition painted on the large box the artist has written his name, Palekh and the year of 2009.

Please let us know if you need any additional info on this set.
Size of a large box:
34x28x9.5cm or 13.25x11x3.75 inches
Sizes of 4 smaller ones are:
5.75x4.25x1.25 inches

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